Enterprise Portfolio and Program Management

Organizing People, Process and Technology to Scale

Engine Tech provides a comprehensive Enterprise Portfolio Management Solution to organize and fuse People, Process and Technology to streamline processes, organize business objectives into development tracks across multiple divisions, setup transparent communication channels to break down functional silos and customize and configure appropriate Agile technology solutions to engage stakeholders and maximize transparency, accountability, predictability and results across the whole enterprise.


PEOPLE: Agile professionals & ORGanizations

We augment your teams with permanent or contract professionals which include Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Project Managers, Program Managers, Portfolio Managers, Business Analysts, Solution Architect and more. We also help you identify organizational blind spots and misalignments to create clear lines of ownership and responsibilities. Read More ...


process: agile process & program management

We have a proven track record for success on both small and large scale portfolios fetching billions in revenues using the power of Agile. Our comprehensive Agile based engagements builds the right processes and communication channels to build efficiency, transparency and predictability at scale. Read More ...


technology: agile enterprise portfolio management solution

We provide a comprehensive Enterprise Portfolio Management solution built on top of industry leader JIRA Software by Atlassian. We will help setup and configure Jira and then build, customize and configure appropriate filtered views as active real-time dashboards for different audiences in order to streamline processes, organize business objectives into development tracks across multiple divisions and setup transparent communication channels to break down functional silos, engage stakeholders, maximize transparency, accountability, predictability and results across the enterprise. Read More ...

our engagement

Are you struggling with any of the following:

  1. Lack of visibility into return on investment: Business Objectives are defined and investment in projects were made but I have no visibility into how effective my investments have been.

  2. Business objectives are not getting met: Business objectives are delayed or not getting met and I don’t know why.
  3. Results are not getting delivered when promised: Projects are late and budget continues to increase. Why didn’t I find this out earlier when I could take actions to mitigate impact?
  4. Projects are over-budget: P&L is under stress as my spend continues to increase on key corporate objectives.
  5. Teams are under staffed: Delivery teams can’t convince the CxOs to invest more while the enterprise asks more to be delivered. Teams feel overwhelmed and under staffed.
  6. Indecisiveness: It’s hard to determine when to green light large investments, what will be displaced and who to hold accountable.
  7. Competing priorities: Disagreements on goals and priorities is the norm causing teams to be pulled in different directions.
  8. Grid lock and stagnation: Competing priorities drive work to slow down. Effort is not focused and sustained but driven by who shouts the loudest.
  9. Poor communication: Team members are not aligned on status and action items. Leadership team does not get reliable or timely status on projects.
  10. Lack of ownership: Accountability is unclear driving morale to all time lows.


Our engagement consists of the following phases as necessary:

  1. Assessment & Gap Analysis: Engine Tech will perform an assessment and gap analysis across people, process and technology to identify needs and areas for improvements. 

  2. People, Process, Technology Plan: We will then propose a plan that covers: (1) organizational alignment changes (2) Staffing needs (3) Process and communication framework tailored for your organization and (4) technology solution to execute the enterprise level portfolio and program management.

  3. Configuration & Customization: In very close partnership with stakeholders and delivery teams, Engine Tech will tailor the technology solution to fit your organization, from stakeholders to delivery teams.

  4. Staffing & Ramp-Up:  Engine Tech will hire and ramp-up staff to successfully use the tools and processes, but also share the design principles behind the framework and how it unlocks a culture of engagement and efficiency.

  5. Long-term Support and Health Checks: Engine Tech will be available to provide support and regular health checks to ensure your processes remain healthy and your teams engaged on an on-going basis.